Pike from lake Varpen

Welcome to Bollnäs Fiskevårdsförening, a local non-profit association which manages fishing within the northern fishery district of Bollnäs county. This district comprises all lakes and streams except Bolletjärn and Växboån stream at Trolldalen. A permit is required for all fishing in the district. Daily, weekly, or annual permits are available (individual or family). Annual permits also serve as membership cards in Bollnäs Fiskevårdsförening association.

Our fishing waters range from large lakes and streams near towns to small creeks and ponds deep in the Hälsingland woods.


Our goals are primarily to work toward establishing ecologically stable conditions for our local species to reproduce and continue to thrive. To that end we work with the restoration of breeding grounds.

We stock certain waters with adult fish, fingerlings and fertilized roe. Some waters are stocked with ready-to-catch game fish.


Fishing Regulations

Those who fish are personally responsible for knowing current regulations regarding fishing (check the website for changes) . They must also respect and refrain from disturbing other people or the natural environment. Public access to private property entails avoiding any form of property damage. Fish that are kept must be killed immediately, and those that are not kept must be returned to the water at once.


Minimum length requirements


Trout 25 cm. Grayling 30 cm. Pike-perch 50 cm.

Trout in Galvån, Voxnan and Ljusnan River 35 cm.

Daily maximum of 2 pike-perch per permit.

Daily maximum of 3 game fish per permit.

Fishing permit or receipt must be carried while fishing.


In streams and creeks and in put-and-take waters, only rod-fishing is allowed, one rod per person. The inflow to Lake Varpen is considered a stream upstream from a line between Scandic Hotel and Varpnäs Point. The inflow to Lake Växsjön is also considered a stream from the Lottefors hydropower station and downstream 300 metres to where the power lines cross the stream.

Daily maximum of 3 game fish per permit—this applies for all waters. Permits are personal and limits apply per person. Children under 15 may fish without fees in the company of an adult guardian with a permit.

Daily maximum of 2 pike-perch per permit.